Financial Consulting

Our company provides a complete range of services to our Districts. Establishment services, pro-forma and feasibility analysis, the preparation of documents used for adopting a financing plan and the issuance of bonds. We also manage District debt repayment plans and maintenance needs required to protect the interests of the bond holders and property owners within the District.

Establishment - Coordinate with the professional team and participate in the preparation of all documentation and schedules for the petition to establish a CDD, attend public hearings, provide pre-filed and live testimony, and attend any and all other meetings with local or state government review staff as deemed necessary.

Bond Financing - Develop assessment methodology, present methodology at public hearing on assessments, assist in determining financial structure, provide testimony at required bond validation hearings.

Collection of Prepayments - Collect and monitor pre-payment of assessments, prepare periodic disclosure reports to bankers and bond holders, confirm bond call amounts, issue lien releases.

Assessment Roll - Prepare and certify the annual assessment roll to the county Property Appraiser and Tax Collector to include required assessments on property tax bills.

Billing - Prepare and issue manual invoices for and monitor collection of annual debt service and maintenance assessments to owners of properties within the District that are not included on the assessment roll.

Assessment True-Up Analysis - In order to ensure that assessments collected are sufficient to pay the annual debt service, our firm will annually prepare a comparison of platted and un-platted properties to be developed with the proposed development mix at the time bonds were issued.